Pedro Vives Marcos

Video analysys Pedro

Video Analysys Pedro

Forehand and Backhand:

•             Recognizing the opponent’s ball

•             Shot set up

•             Adjustment to the ball (last step)

•             Raquet take back and shot measurement

•             Hand acceleration

•             Extension from the stances

•             Contact point

•             Follow through

•             Shot termination


•             Grip and body weight forward

•             Body weight transfer

•             Elevation of both arms

•             Ball toss

•             Position of dominant hand in cobra style

•             Shot set up

•             Positioning of the feet

•             Initiation of knee bend

•             Shoulder turn

•             Bending of the knee

•             Beginning of the raquets acceleration

•             Body extension

•             Contact point

•             Head’s position

•             Feet positioning

•             Internal hip turn 

The video synchronizes Rafa’s and the student shots at the contact point.